Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy VOONO

Komplexní online marketing pro VOONO / Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy for VOONO

VOONO is a Czech brand of natural haircare cosmetics selling 100% chemical-free products for hair and scalp. All of the products are organic, eco-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, and cruelty-free. Some of them are zero-waste with minimal packaging. Currently, VOONO products are exclusively used by two hair salons, one in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia, and they are used by a number of private hairdressers and professional salons. On top of that, selected products can be purchased at eco-friendly stores. Our task was to create a comprehensive online marketing strategy for B2B and B2C with the aim of continuously increasing sales.


  • Preparing a comprehensive B2B and B2C marketing strategy and its implementation, including strengthening the brand’s position in the Czech and Slovak markets and continuously increasing revenue.
  • Building a beloved brand (love brand).
  • Educating both the general public and professionals in the field of natural hair cosmetics and its use.
  • Raising awareness about henna and dispelling common myths about natural colouring.
  • Attracting customers beyond the primary target group (eco, organic, vegan, zero waste).


As part of our collaboration, the following steps have been taken:

  1. Online Marketing Strategy: The proposed strategy is updated annually to take into account brand innovations, changes in the online and offline landscapes, as well as new market dynamics. The overall strategy is complemented with detailed quarterly marketing strategies, including themes, promotional campaigns as well as seasonal activities organised by both the agency and the client.
  2. Social Media Content: Regular content is posted on Facebook and Instagram to inform users about promotional campaigns and new products. The aims is also to educate them about natural colouring. Users can also find answers to their questions in engage in discussions using comments. Emphasis is placed on professional and prompt community management in order to build trust among customers.
  3. Ads | Facebook, Instagram, Google, Sklik: Thanks to precise targeting, remarketing efforts, and continuously increasing budget allocation to various social media channels, we manage to build strong sales and branding sources for visits and conversion.
  4. Newsletter: We ensure thorough management of contacts and segmentation using email marketing strategies and campaigns for both B2B and B2C clients.
  5. Automated Newsletter: With detailed settings and extensive subscriber segmentation, automated newsletters serve as effective reminders. Automation is used to set up the contact database, resulting in clients paying only for relevant users, thus increasing click-through rates, and overall revenue.
  6. Blog Content: Serving to educate the general public, blog articles are published on a regular weekly basis, with users looking forward to new content every Sunday. Thanks to SEO, internal links, and well-adapted tone, blog content is also an excellent sales tool.


VOONO has also expanded its e-shop offer to include additional dyeing options and products such as special hair dye caps for speeding up the process, which are exclusively made for the VOONO brand in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, our agency is also in charge of the social media accounts of VOONO salons in Bratislava (@kadernictvo_voono_bratislava) from the very beginning. This synergy effect ensures that all businesses and the e-shop maintain a unified style and tone, even in different markets. In case of further expansion with additional branches, VERmedia will be in charge of marketing strategies for these perspective hair salons to make sure that brand consistency and quality are maintained.




VOONO has become the best-selling natural hair dye brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Effective marketing strategy, continuous implementation, and Scrum methodology help achieve all set goals.
A consistent copywriter has been involved in the project, acquiring unique knowledge of the subject matter and the client's target audience. The copywriter has become a member of the VOONO team, just as the entire agency is now part of the VOONO brand.
The relationship with the client has grown so valuable that they now share offices in Prague 1.

Over nearly 4 years of collaboration, 154 blog articles have been published to date, and nearly 200 campaigns and over 300 unique ads have been set up on Facebook Ads. The historically lowest cost per click with targeting specific audience segments was 0.5 CZK. Several million CZK have been invested in Facebook advertising.

Komplexní online marketing VOONO / Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy for VOONO
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