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One of the key goals of digital marketing Kunsthalle Praha was to increase awareness of the gallery brand. Kunsthalle Praha is a brand-new art space on Prague’s cultural map. Founded by The Pudil Family Foundation as a non-governmental organisation and non-profit platform, its aim is to connect the Czech and international art scenes.


The main goal of our project (Digital Marketing Kunsthalle Praha) and our digital campaigns was to increase awareness of the gallery brand and ensure high attendance rates at its exhibitions. Additionally, the client wanted to increase website traffic and reach new target audiences, namely expats living in Prague and foreign tourists using the TripAdvisor platform.


Our team came up with a comprehensive solution using a combination of various digital marketing tools. We created and managed online advertising campaigns using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Sklik, with the aim to increase brand awareness of Kunsthalle Praha and drive visitors to the gallery’s website.

Adding remarketing codes on the client’s website, we were able to target visitors who have already shown interest in the gallery and reach out to them with targeted advertisements to encourage the desired conversion.

To achieve top ranking in search results for the gallery’s keywords, we leveraged the targeting options within the content network using Google Ads and Sklik. This has allowed us to attract relevant visitors searching for information about art and cultural events in Prague.

To reach expats and foreign tourists, we target TripAdvisor and its advertising platform, TripAdvisor Ad Express. This platform allows us to advertise on tourist information pages that are popular among travellers and expats.

To ensure event attendance, we created a specialized marketing group with the goal to engage potential visitors who have expressed interest in specific art events and, using advertising prompts, encourage them to participate. We have also implemented a targeted advertising strategy on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Our approach combining advertising campaigns, remarketing, content network targeting, the TripAdvisor platform, and event targeting strategy proved successful: we launched effective digital marketing activities for the Kunsthalle Praha art gallery. Our efforts have led to increased visibility and a boost in website traffic. We have reached out to new target audiences and contributed to the success of the gallery’s exhibitions and events.


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