Influencer campaign Starbucks Chilled Coffee

Influencer kampaň pro Starbucks Chilled Coffee

The main goal of the influencer campaign Starbucks was to increase the visibility of the Starbucks Chilled Coffee beverages.The Starbucks Chilled Coffee brand involves a line of new milk-based beverages that are produced and distributed in collaboration with Arla Food, a dairy company owned by farmerswho supply the majority of the milk.


Our task was to increase the visibility of Starbucks Chilled Coffee beverages that can be purchased from selected partners outside the Starbuck Coffee network.

The goal was to create an all-round social media advertising campaign using the @starbuckschilledcoffee profile.


The influencer campaign Starbucks was scheduled to run for two months. We decided to combine micro, macro, and mega-influencers with high engagement rates and unique personalities. Considering the broad potential customer base interested in purchasing chilled coffee beverages, we selected influencers from different age groups. It was crucial to select influencers from various fields of interest to ensure entertaining content, and to demonstrate that the presented beverages suite every occasion.

Our intention was to create multiple presentations of each beverage with each influencer. Therefore, we combined static posts with stories that were published according to a precise schedule, involving a total of ten influencers.


The ten participating influencers were the following Czech personalities: Alena Šeredová, Monika Bagárová, Anna Marie Veselá, Mahulena Bočanová, Martina Helis, Mariana Prachařová, Angee Roučková, Tereza Raditsch, Pavel Kortán, Jan Kaňůrek. 
Over the course of two months, we and the selected influencers presented all the products from the Starbucks Chilled Coffee range, including the vegan version with almond milk. Instagram creator Anna Marie Veselá demonstrated that the products can be purchased at gas stations, while sportspeople Tereza Raditsch and Jan Kaňůrek treated themselves to some of them during their favourite sports activities.


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